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The Reason

The reason I created and started www.hadleytools.com was to serve one purpose. To be self-sufficient and self-employed. I currently work at USIC and locate underground utilities for large customers. ATT, Frontier, Vectren, etc. It is a good and stable job that has allowed me to save money, and also fuel my business ideas and projects. Although this job is a good opportunity to fully understand the invisible utilities we take for granted everyday, it also is an opportunity to make self-employment a reality.

The Ride So Far

So far I am 3 months into this business venture. I have made enough money to validate there is an opportunity in the markets I have injected products into. I have about 8 solid products on the board for development, working prototype, and validation. I am confident that as long as you push forward. And keep a forward thinking attitude. There is nothing you can’t accomplish. It has been a learning experience. I found that sincerity and genuine connection between myself, the products, and the customers make a good formula for repeat business and understanding customers.

The End Game

It will be a long time before I reach my final goals. I have already reached several. My business is 100% self-funded. It also is profitable at just 3 months in. Organic growth is steady and sometimes not as fast as we’d like. But it is none the less, growth.

I would like to become 100% self-employed and receive the opportunity to employ others. How well off I become is not of importance at this moment. I am all about my customers, the products being of the best quality and solving real problems, and the service being top notch!


I do appreciate all of my customers, supporters, and loved ones who have given me a shove forward into a brighter day. Thank You all!

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