Jessica And Lilli

What A Journey So Far

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My Life Has Changed

Just a short while ago I met a lovely woman named Jessica Altmeyer. She messaged me first on Facebook. We spoke a few times and honestly I wasn’t sure it was time to date again. So naturally we didn’t talk for a little while. It had been one year since I had became single, which I figured was enough time to be safe to date if the right girl came along.

Jessica decided to message me again. She was very persistent to talk with me and get to know me. I took a leap of faith to get to know her as I had been single for a year and out of a toxic relationship. But we started to hit it off in our conversations. We both weren’t opening up as quickly as most people might. Even on Facebook.

After a little while of chatting online and being sure we both would like to meet. So that’s just what we did. And our first date/hangout was very fun and joyful. We did a lot of laughing and hit it off immediately. I remember we were at Buffalo Wild Wings just laughing and carrying on as if we had known each other for years. It was a strange and yet fun night. Strange because we were so immediately comfortable. And fun for obvious reasons.

We are now dating and I honestly couldn’t be in a happier place. We live about 40 minutes apart and drive to see each other. The only downside is I can’t see her everyday. And spend weekends together. We aren’t up each other’s asses. And we are very independent, which is important in any healthy relationship.

Different Things in Mind

The biggest worry of mine about dating Jessica was that she is a mother of a beautiful little girl named Lilli. The reason I worried about dating Jessica. Is that I have no children of my own. And I haven’t been around children in that respect at any time in my life. I have been around my niece and nephews a lot. But it’s not the same as dating someone who is a parent. I knew this would be interesting and have it’s hurdles.

The first thing I thought of was to not waste Jessica’s time. I was unsure if I was ready to be a role model and figure in Lilli’s life. Because as any decent person would know. When you date a parent, their kids essentially over time become a part of your life and you take on a parental role.

I hung out with Jessica for weeks before we made anything official or really moved forward past hanging out. I wanted to know that I wasn’t going to waste her time. I didn’t want to jump in and hurt anyone. We took our time and really got to know each other before dating. I am thankful we did. It eliminated any of the blinding things that come with dating. I really got to know Jessica as a person and as a woman before knowing her as a girlfriend.

I met Lilli for the first time on Christmas. I was of course awkward because I was also meeting her family too. Lilli was definitely shy and bashful. But the next few times it got easier and she warmed up to me. And now she knows my name when she sees me. She is the sweetest angel. I was very worried about Lilli not liking me. I know that sometimes kids and adults just rub each other the wrong way. And from then on they do not like one another. I just remembered to not patronize her. And to just to have fun with her and play games, color, and be genuine. And it seems to be going well.

I know I’m no parent, I have no children. And I don’t plan to swoop in like a ass and take a role that’s not mine. I want to have my own role in Lilli and Jessica’s life. To be a good man to them both and create amazing memories for them. That’s my role for now.

How Completed I Feel

Everyday is different depending on the circumstances. A lot of my tougher days, the best thing that puts me in a good mood. Is to think of Jessica and Lilli. They are accepting of me and always care to be around. I feel completed around them both. It doesn’t hurt they both are adorable. 😉

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