Freedom of Speech – The Extreme Left’s Suppression of It


Tolerance does not = Tolerance. It equals you being tolerant of the lefts views. But them not tolerant of yours.

The Extreme left, which is has been known as for the last 8 years, has been brutal on Conservative values and culture. The Extreme Liberal left has been on rise and fueled by Obama and his policies. Many which have been un-american and illegal. This article is to discuss the extent of the extreme liberal left and how far they are willing, and have been willing, to take matters into their own hands. In effort to derail or cover up everyone else who doesn’t share their views.

The Reasons

The reasons the extreme liberal left has taken as many, and as obnoxious, steps to silence and cover up conservative media or voices is wide ranging. No one reason can pinpoint this phenomenon of silencing an entire group of people who want fair coverage. Here are a few reasons that logic has deduced from the last 8 years events.

Extreme Liberal Leftist Agenda

The liberal Left has used it’s methods of silencing, marginalizing, discrediting, and insulting to push comedy and emotion before fact and reason. This allows them to push an agenda while masked by laughter and insults.

The Marginalization of  Group

The more a group is insulted, laughed about, joked on. Or even attacked, verbally, physically. That group eventually will become marginalized as if they never existed. Or don’t matter at all. Over the last 8 years, this has become a reality. Much like the Jews in Germany were under Hitler’s rule.

The Suppression of Your Speech, The Rise of Theirs

When people and groups are able to debate, there will always be democracy/republic. The day that people and groups are seen as “dumber” or “inferior”. Is the day that we live in a one party, dictator system. The suppression comes in many forms. Whether it be Liberal protesters giving you their point of view. And when you are ready to reciprocate, they beat on drums so they can’t hear you. Much like a toddler.

The Silencing

I have seen it since I was a child. We started marginalizing the entire populace by giving every child in my elementary school race a blue participation ribbon. I knew then that was a bad idea. And it gave many children no incentive to excel or  try harder. This was one way to break our self esteem as a nation and as a people. Which made the next segment easier.

To silence a nation is divide and conquer. You can’t speak strongly enough unless you are unified. When you have 5 groups made up of 10,000 people speaking, you will hear their points. When you have 10,000 groups made up of 10,000 people. No voice is heard, no movement happens. Unification is key to changing our political system and constantly disrupting our ever corrupted government.

The Demonizing & Insults

Many extreme liberals will do anything and everything to demonize you if you stand against their precious beliefs. Even as a far as to Photoshop images to create misinformation. Create fake news stories about Donald J. Trump raping over 20 women. And surprisingly, every last woman dropped the false charges after the plan failed. I used Donald Trump as a small example. But this has been happening for years and to everyone who stood/stands in the way of the lefts agenda. They will name you a rapist, racist, bigot, islamophobe, xenophobe, homophobe. With no real data or facts, proof to back it up.

The Fake News

The state owned/ran MSM (Mainsteam Media) will say and do anything to discredit, slander, libel or even insult people who don’t fit their narrative. They have been publishing false and untrue fake news stories for the past 8 years. Feeding the narrative that Obama has almost all but handed scripts down to the MSM. They use fake news to divert the public from illegal or suspicious behavior. They instead put light on the “alt-right” as they call it and try to put their dirt off on the “alt-right”. They have been caught several times. For examples in the General election of 2016 between Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton. They were sampling more democrats than republicans in polls. And it would show Hillary having 40% and Trump at 3%. When it was nearly impossible figures. They wanted to make the public discouraged. But we cam through at the voting booths.

The Violence

Need I say more? The footage speaks volumes.

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