Exciting News with Hadley Tool Co

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What’s New with Hadley Tool Co?

  • Undergoing Re-Branding

  • Distributors and Manufacturer Representative Companies on Board

  • Exploring new & exciting product ideas

  • Keeping momentum!


Hello, everyone. I have been very busy lately. With very little time to myself, or for others honestly. I have been spending much of my time working a day job at USIC LLC. The rest of my time working at home on Hadley Tool Co, Tuner App, and other personal business endeavors.

I have launched an IDEA program. The ability for the anyone to fully realize their idea and take it to market. Of course, while profiting from their idea with royalties of 2-5%.

Check it out here!


I have been learning so much about gaining and negotiating with Distributors and Manufacturer Representative Firms. I am accumulating priceless knowledge that I otherwise would be oblivious to. Success, how do we measure it? I view success as achieving a small or large goal while keeping a forward motion. Some people may see my small successes as just that, small. But to me they are huge. I learn from my mistakes and keep moving no matter what. The moment you stay still and find comfort is the moment you give up momentum.



the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.

A word I have found great value in. Both in my personal and professional life alike. The ability to keep moving forward and progressing is essential to obtaining and gathering one success after another. Compound every success with one right after the other. In other words, DO NOT GIVE UP.

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