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One day as I and Jessica were lounging about in the living room. She said she’d love to sell homemade dog treats. I thought not too much about it. And was curious what she’d come up with and how much she might sell. I was thinking hopeful thoughts. Just moments later an idea popped into my brain. How about a dog treat subscription? What if we personalized it and gave it a cute and endearing appearance? How about a FREE toy as well?

The next day I began immediately working on the idea and bringing it to life so that I could get it validated as fast as possible. I started by building a simple, quick logo and website. I then thought about how to manufacture dog treats in a home kitchen in batch quantities. Obviously that would be insane if orders ever picked up. So I decided to source private label dog treat manufacturers who could produce custom made recipes for Dreat. I also then did a complete cost analysis on the product and moved forward quickly.


Now we are at the validation stage. Without hardly any exposure, capital, or reputation in the pet food industry, it will be hard to validate and gain the correct audience. I am looking to inject Dreat into pre-existing large active audiences that are interested in our product offering. As of right now, things are moving slow. I am trying to source good places to inject Dreat. And cultivate a community around of our product and services.

Final Thoughts

As any other new and exciting venture, sometimes they do not work out. Sometimes you risk a little and lose a little. Sometimes you risk a lot and lose a shitload. I am ready to either fail or succeed. Because either way I win.

Failures aren’t failures at all. They are learning experiences that give us more value in specific areas of business, entrepreneurship, and connections.

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