Working at Chaos Inc








I am twenty-five Years Old. I own and operate and work at Advance Technologies. I worked at Chaos Inc for the last 9 years. A company owned by my father (Cameron Hadley) and brother (Ethan Hadley).

I have four siblings in all. Two sisters and two brothers. I was a percussionist for 17 years. I have built and designed websites, brand identities, network installations, and just recently started to get back into CAD/CAM drawing for the first time since high school when I was in the engineering program. I ran production parts at Chaos Inc. Among other responsibilities being part of a small business.

I am learning Guitar and to Sing. I love music, good people, and good memories.

I love my guns and I love that I am an American! So I unapologetically will tell you that. And that my rights supersede any BS you want to throw at me. Very much a conservative man with libertarian values. With a little bit liberal views as well. I’m not 100% one thing or the other!

Live by good morals and with a heart. And you should be fine.

Check back weekly. I usually have something new posted. Very random. Definitely not a source for specific knowledge. Just my personal space on the Internet.